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You like it when I say… good boy?

I have a thing for submissive boys... Synopsis: A couple are relaxing after dinner. The girlfriend refers to him as a good boy, and the...

Before We Go To College

You and your best friend been talking about losing your virginities before college, where they know they're gonna be in separate states.

I'm Not My Mom

You're staying with your old college friend and her adult daughter knocks on your door late at night...

Begging To Be Bred By You

I want you to fill me up with your special milk daddy, I'll do whatever you want, I'll beg you while you fuck me... I just need you.

Hey, can WE come into your tent?

It's the end of summer and two of your camp-mates come to your tent late at night, soaking wet, asking to come in...

Seduced At The Roller Rink

You're sitting alone at the roller rink and you and Ella keep locking eyes as she skates around.

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