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De-stressing Daddy

You take such good care of me, and I can tell you've been stressed lately. Just relax... let me take care of you.

Telling You About My New Daddy

Your 20-something year old daughter ran away and left you a note. You finally get to video chat her to see where she's been...

Cheerleader's After School Reward

It's senior year and the slutty cheerleader you've been helping with homework all semester is finally going to reward you...

Listen To Me Play

This is meant to be a little ramble for u to when you're not alone... Oh! But you can't play. Only I can.

The Unexpected Escort

Wow, this is so embarrassing. I guess there’s no escort handbook to tell you what to do when you’re mom’s ex husband answers the door...


You're crazy enough to stick your dick into a multi-dimensional vortex but not undress in front of your commanding officer?

Watch Me

I want you to watch me while you cum in my mouth. Lemme help you let your cum go. I wanna see it. I want you to see it...

The Arrangement Part 1

Have you ever done … anything … with a student? I’m not actually your student anymore … but we could pretend if you want.

Slutty Stories: The Office Slut

listen to me confess what a whore i am for fucking my bosses at my office.... while you finger me and fuck me and call me your little slut..

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